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aww, bless

Ms J. June
heart burns,
soul yearns,
world turns
when shall we be free, you and I?


I'm this kind of angsty girl who lives in London. I work in the voluntary sector which varies between incredibly awesome and damnably frustrating. Aside from this I write sci-fi/fantasy/poetry/vaguely literary fiction, and the occasional bit of non-fiction, I take loads of photos everywhere I go, I'm hesitantly learning to play the ukulele (singing along is HARD), and I kind of wander about thinking a lot about art, politics, performance, trans-, queer, and feminist activism, and.... stuff. Yeah. Sometimes I even do something! It's true, y'know.

I'm kind of a million times less confident than I often seem. This is actually really common.

I'm 27 years old and I haven't been eaten by velociraptors yet! 27 and counting!
a well-turned semicolon, activism, alchemy, alternative, alternative economy, amanda fucking palmer, ani difranco, anime, archaism, archetypes, architecture, art, beauty, belle and sebastian, bikini kill, blade runner, buffy, cats, comics, creativity, dada, dancing, david bowie, deliberately getting lost, demimonde, design, dream diving, elephants in rooms, everything, eyeliner, flash gordon, foot in mouth disease, game theory, gaming, garbage, geekology, gender, george orwell, hats, healing, herstory, history, holistics, humour, iain m banks, illustration, information theory, insane projects, insanity, insistent guitar chords, international feminist conspiracy, intersectionality, invader zim, joan d'arc, joni mitchell, jrr tolkien, ken mcleod, kristin hersh, managing my own expectations, mary gentle, movies, my ubiquitous chip, mysticism, nature, nietzsche, nin, noir, not-for-profit, obscure writing jokes, owning my own shit, paralysis by analysis, people's stories, photography, pirates, pj harvey, placebo, poking badgers with spoons, politics, psychology, punk, punk rock manifestos, queer, queer visibility, rachel stamp, raindrops, roleplaying, sappho, science!, sensuality, sleater-kinney, solidarity, speaking truth to power, speaking truth to toast!, subversion, surrealism, swearing most foully, symbols, tarot, tea, the nightmare before christmas, tim: 37, transgender, travel, trees, unexamined privilege, virginia fucking woolf, wandering, weird fucked up prose, why?, william blake, writing, yesterday's girl, zombies